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  • Austin Moser

MagLip Tip of the Day

Fishing on the Nushagak River is awesome!! This River is the best in the world because of the sheer number of king salmon for the size of the river. Just like any other Salmon river in the world it has it's tuff days as well. Here is one trick that I found works well for me to entice a bite. On the Nushagak we are only allowed to fish with one single point hook. So, I rig my Yakima bait Maglip 5.0 with a 6/0 siwash hook attached to the rear hook loop with a split ring and a 200lb crane swivel. Then, I add a hoochie skirt to the siwash hook. I did best with pink hoochie's on a Cream puff 5.0 and Mad clown 5.0 with a pink hoochie as well.

It adds just a little more action to the business end of the plug and give the salmon a great aiming point. These Maglips are wrapped with sardines for added scent and attraction. When these hard hitting kings crush these plugs it's explosive and the battle is on!! That's what makes fishing with Maglips so additive and fun. This little added attraction to your Maglip could be just the trick you need to get a few more fish in the box on your home waters.

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