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  • David Johnson

Custom Flashers

When I am fishing for coastal salmon I almost always run at least two of my 5 rods rigged with flashers, unless the seaweed is too bad. Some days the attraction of his flashers really turns on the fish. I think the flash or even attracts fish to nearby rods that don't have the flasher. They pull the fish into my spread. I feel it's important to match the flasher color to the water and light conditions.

I particularly like using the glow-in-the-dark flasher at or before first light. It's almost always good for a fish. The backside of this glow-in-the-dark flasher is white so it makes a great background for UV tape or other colors. Me and my wife Tasha have been customizing Yakima Bait Fish Flash flashers with Yakima's replacement glue or tape. They are already cut out to the shapes of flashers so it makes it really easy. Since I'm kind of sloppy I let Tessa do the cutting and pasting. She also has good color combo ideas. So if you like playing around with colors and making Lures this is right up your alley. David Johnson

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