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The Vibric Rooster Tail

by Ned Kehde

Across the great white bass triangle that stretches from Milford Lake, Kansas, to Grand Lake, Oklahoma, and to the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, scores of anglers spend their days afloat white bass on wind-blown points and shorelines during the fall. This same piscatorial phenomenon that occurs every sprung in these parts in the spring, when the white bass procreate. These temperate bass anglers also pursue their quarry in the riverine sections of the reservoirs, as well as at the tailrace areas below the dams.

And Yakima Bait Company has a color combination for its 1/4-ounce Vibric Rooster Tail that has caught the fancy of white bass anglers and their quarry since 2012 The color is called Clyde, which named after Clyde “The Guide” Holscher of Topeka, Kansas.

Holscher is a multispecies guide, who spends many September through early December days guiding an array of anglers who hope to tangle with more than 100 white bass on each outing. On many of those outings, Holscher and his clients spend hours on end wielding 1/4-ounce Vibric Rooster Tails.

The 1/4-ounce Clyde-hue Vibric Rooster Tail sports a No.8 treble hook that is dressed with white hackle and embellished with strands of silver tinsel. Its teardrop body is white. The spinner blade is chartreuse

For decades, the three hues of chartruese, white, and silver have inveigled untold numbers of white bass for Holscher and scores of other talented and ardent anglers. To the delight of Holscher, Yakima has combined these three hues on one of his favorite white bass baits.

According to Holscher, the Vibric’s offset teardrop body and direct spinner blade-to-shaft rotation creates an ultra-noisy underwater vibration, and it doesn’t twist anglers’ lines as much as other straight-line spinnerbaits do. What’s more, it can be retrieved at a slower pace, and is more snag-free than the original Rooster Tail and similar spinnerbaits.

The retail price ranges from $3.49 to $3.99

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