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Winter in my UpperLeftUSA Kitchen

December 29, 2018

Another great seafood lovers story 😁



Today I’m starting out by using fresh Dungeness crab 🦀 outta my home waters of Puget Sound located in Western Washington that I steamed for 12 minutes 😁 followed by cooling in a ice and water bath ( yeah Baby )


Prior I started my Louisiana Creole style rice.

1. 2 cups of rice - soaked then rinsed.

2. Sautéed in real butter, garlic, celery and bell pepper - I like 4 oz. of butter for this super tasty recipe (go big here - real butter absolutely is awesome) for five minutes. 

3. Add twice the amount of water of rice added - our amount for this recipe will be 4 cups of water.  Bring to a boil followed by cooking on low with lid covering pot for 25 minutes. 


Vegetables 🌽 🌶 
For aesthetic’s and color I prefer your standard classic American mix vegetable with peas, carrots, sweetcorn and green beans - also I add sliced avocados on the side. 

For presentation after my rice,  vegetables and crab are all put together I mix everything together in one bowl then I take those portions - add them to cups ( packing somewhat tightly ) then just turn them over and that’s how you get that really cool looking shape once removed from cup.

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