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  • Calvin Sampson

Fun & Easy Healthy Seafood

Winter in my UpperLeftUSA kitchen.

Start with fresh winter steelhead of quality blackmouth salmon for this winter version. Recipe depends on the amount of people you’ll be feeding. Let’s go ( lots of people will tell you fresh it best and their correct - but vacuumed seal salmon or steelhead will work just fine ) not that said - let’s get busy

If using fresh - 1. Cut into fillets 2. Remove skin followed by all bones 3. Cut your fillets into 1 inch strips 4. Season to your liking 5. Coat with your favorite tempura ( if homemade I use either Cornstarch or Tapioca starch 2 egg whites do not use the egg yoke.

6. Ice cold water - mixing all ingredients slowly adding water to your liking - if to thin add more starch an if to thick add more ice cold water.

7. Fry in your favorite cooking oil until golden - still part shouldn’t take to long. 8. Add chips, fries with a healthy salad.

Well there you have it - enjoy!


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