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  • Mark Romanack

Add-a-Buzz, Adds Walleye to the Livewell

By: Mark Romanack

When it comes to catching walleye, you have to get their attention before you can get a hook into them. Walleye are sight feeders and that means they depend heavily on their sense of sight to find prey and zero in on their next meal.

Yakima Bait’s new Add-a-Buzz attractors have walleye written all over them. Available in three sizes and five different fish catching finishes, the Add-a-Buzz is a buzz bait blade rigged on a wire harness that can be added to a host of trolling presentations.

“Pick your poison,” says Jake Romanack of Fishing 411 TV. “The Add-a-Buzz can be attached directly to the back of popular walleye trolling divers such as the Tadpole Diver, Jet Diver, Tru Trip Diver, Mini Dipsy and this unique attractor even works on in-line style sinkers like the Bass Pro Shops XPS Keel Sinkers. As these devices are trolled, the Add-a-Buzz spins and puts out tons of fish attracting flash. The Add-a-Buzz spins even at the slowest trolling speeds and marries up perfectly to spinner rigs, trolling spoons and even crankbaits. I like to run the Add-a-Buzz about 60 to 72 inches in front of my lure.”

TheAdd-a-Buzz can also be teamed up with sinking lines such as lead core or rigged in-line a few feet ahead of a diving crankbait to generate more flash and pull in fish from greater distances. The Add-a-Buzz can be trolled straight out the back of the boat as a flat line, or used in combination with planer boards to create a larger trolling spread.

The smaller sizes and natural finishes are ideally suited to trolling in clear water conditions. When anglers are faced with stained or off color water, the larger sizes and brighter finishes get the nod. Because the Add-a-Buzz spins on it’s own axis, these attractors have very little resistance in the water, making them a dream to fish.

Walleye are sight feeders and trolling is more productive when attractors like the Add-a-Buzz are implemented into trolling set ups. Jake Romanack of Fishing 411 TV knows how to get the attention of more and bigger walleye.

“If you aren’t sold on how well an Add-a-Buzz works, try fishing one on the left side of the boat and your normal walleye set ups on the other side,” advises Romanack. “I’m betting you’ll quickly discover that the Add-a-Buzz catches more fish!”

Walleye are sight feeders and flash plays an important role in trolling success. The Add-a-Buzz is so simple, so versatile and works so well, it has everyone wondering what took so long to introduce this new and unique trolling product!

Editor’s Note: Mark Romanack is a Michigan based outdoor writer and the host of the popular Fishing 411 TV series that broadcasts on Sportsman Channel, World Fishing Network and Sportsman Canada.


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