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Casting Rooster Tail®

By: Mark Romanack

It seems that for every species of sport fish, there is a lure that is legendary for catching that species. When it comes to trout, the iconic Yakima Bait Rooster Tail Spinner is that lure. In part, Rooster Tail Spinners are effective on trout because they come in so many sizes, colors and configurations. No matter if you’re casting for brook trout in a tiny backwoods creek or targeting trophy steelhead in a raging river, Yakima Bait has a size, color and style of Rooster Tail for every trout fishing situation.


The Original Rooster Tail in sizes 1/6, 1/8 and 1/4 are the work horse baits for trout fishermen north, south, east and west. The modified willow leaf blade and the pulsating hackle team up to make this spinner the one all others are compared to. Available in countless colors and also UV finishes, the Original Rooster Tail is to trout fishing what the spinnerbait is to bass. Besides the standard colors, the Rooster Tail is also available with red treble hooks, in single hook configurations, with hammered blades and also with hammered copper blades! In short, no other trout spinner even comes close to the fish catching powers of the Original Rooster Tail.

Put your trust in the Rooster Tail Spinner by Yakima Bait Company. Millions of other anglers already have.


Available in 1/16, 1/8, 1/6 and 1/4 sizes, the Rooster Tail Minnow features the legendary Rooster Tail blade teamed up with a realistic fish shaped body and ultra premium finishes.


The Sonic Rooster Tail incorporates the “French” style blade with a brass body and pulsating hackle. Available in 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 ounce sizes, this classic spinner comes in 20 different fish catching color patterns.


The Vibric Rooster Tail shaft passes through the blade creating a spinner that spins at even the slowest retrieve speeds. The off-set body helps to reduce line twist and the Vibric Rooster Tail is also available in 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 ounce sizes to cover everything from stream trout to steelhead, dolly varden and bruiser browns. There is even an “undressed” version of the Vibric Rooster Tail for traditionalists.


When casting Rooster Tail Spinners in rivers and streams, cast downstream and across the current. When the spinner hits the water, give the rod tip a little forward sweep to get the blade moving and then proceed with a slow and steady retrieve speed. Most strikes will occur as the current is causing the spinner to sweep across fish holding structure. Try to target submerged logs, boulders, undercut banks or slightly deeper depressions in the bottom that provide trout a place to hide and wait in ambush.


Using low visibility monofilament, co-polymer lines and fluorocarbon line in the four to eight pound test range typically allows the Rooster Tail to enjoy the most action and the most stealthy presentation. Because these lines have a modest break strength, it’s important to inspect the terminal end of the line and cut and retie the spinner often to avoid break offs.


To avoid line twist issues, a small swivel rigged in-line about 12 to 18 inches in front of the spinner is recommended. This rigging method reduces hardware on the spinner, eliminates line twist and makes for a very stealthy presentation.


The rods used for targeting trout vary a great deal. Ultra light sticks are needed for light spinners and casting situations that require pinpoint accuracy. In larger streams, beaver ponds or natural lakes longer steelhead style rods can be a huge advantage as the extra length yields much longer casts. Also, when targeting trophy sized trout, the longer steelhead style rods do a better job of fighting powerful fish.


Every trout fisherman worth his “creel basket” knows that trout respond especially well to fishing scents. Rooster Tail Spray Scent is the ideal scent for adding to spinners that feature pulsating hackles. Made from a water soluble oil that puts out a powerful scent stream without gumming up marabou, feather, hair or synthetic hackles, the Trophy Trout, Trout/Kokanee and the Garlic Nightcrawler formulas are all great scent options for trout fishing.


When it comes to trout of all species and all sizes, no other spinner has earned the respect of more anglers than the Rooster Tail. Available in a fishing tackle retailer near you, the Rooster Tail Spinner is the only spinner you need to catch trout day in and day out.


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