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  • Calvin Sampson

Spring Sammy's

Spring greens and sharp cheddar cheese sandwiches. First thing first - keep in mind, all ingredients can be improvised or substituted for others. Now let’s go - “Winter in my UpperLeftUSA kitchen!” As always fresh is best - but properly vacuumed sealed salmon, steelhead, laketrout, kokanee etc. will all work nicely!

As you can see I’m starting with great ingredients! A. White onion ( red, Walla Walla, or Green etc can be substituted ) B. Box or bag of fresh spring greens aka mixed baby greens - in most areas they can be found at your local health food stores good healthy stuff C. Torta bread or any quality bread personally I like the Torta because it wholes up well - but sour dough, french bread or Italian will work just fine - butter yet, use your imagination!!! D. Sharp cheddar sliced placing on your bread in the over until grilled to your liking - or any other cheese to your liking E. Season your salmon or steelhead and fry into golden in your favorite cooking until done. F. Now the fun part - let everyone make their own sandwiches with all the ingredients provided - as you can see I add dill pickles for an added kick & the potato chips are just an easy alternative to frying french fries. Enjoy!!!

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