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New Trout Sizes Added to Two Yakima Bait Co. Trolling Lures

One of the most popular and productive trolling lures created in the last few years has been the Mag Lip® from Yakima Bait Company. The Mag Lip looks a bit like a FlatFish, but it has been engineered to dive and it has an incredibly enticing swimming action when trolled, featuring a unique skip-beat action that attracts vicious strikes from fish as they follow the lure.

The first members of the Mag Lip line-up were larger, intended for salmon, steelhead, lake trout and other bigger fish. Yakima Bait has recently introduced two smaller versions of the Mag Lip, a two-inch and a two-and-a-half-inch version, intended for trout, crappie, perch, and other panfish.

“The Mag Lip has quickly become one our favorite trolling lures” said Fishing 411 TV host Mark Romanack. “The new smaller sizes are perfect for trolling for trout and other smaller gamefish.”

The 2.0 and the 2.5 Mag Lip are quickly gaining popularity as a trolling lure wherever rainbows and other species of trout live. The new, smaller Mag Lip comes in over 20 different colors to give anglers what they want based on where they fish and what they are fishing for.

“The nice thing about Mag Lips,” Romanack said. “Is they swim straight right out of the package. They are easy to use. No tuning is required. Just tie one on and you’re fishing.”

Yakima Bait Company has also recently added two new smaller sizes to another trolling lure they introduced two years ago. The lure is called the SpinFish™ and its biggest feature is that the body pulls apart in the middle, allowing for bait to be added.

Two new sizes, a two-inch and two-and-a-half-inch version of the SpinFish, are now available giving anglers another productive trolling lure for trout and other species of fish.

As the name indicates, the SpinFish spins as it is trolled through the water, but it isn’t just a spin, it has a wounded baitfish motion that is deadly on all kinds of freshwater fish. The new smaller 2.0 and 2.5 sizes of SpinFish come rigged in the package with two single hooks tied on 20-pound fluorocarbon leader.

“We added a little bait and trolled the new smaller-sized SpinFish in some of the lakes we fish regularly,” Isbister said. “And we were amazed at how deadly it was. We caught rainbows, cutthroat and even some lake trout.”

Dan McDonald, president and CEO of Yakima Bait, said the company added the smaller sizes of the Mag Lip and SpinFish because they recognized the need in the market by anglers looking to have simple, productive lures they can just tie on and go trolling and have a decent expectation of catching fish.

“Anglers really like the design and the action of the Mag Lip,” McDonald said. “And being able to add bait right into the body of the SpinFish makes for an incredibly productive combination.”

Yakima Bait Company also makes the popular Rooster Tail spinner, FlatFish, Spin-N-Glo and Hildebrandt line of quality blades and spinnerbaits.


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