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Fish Flash

Most anglers agree that flash in the water does an excellent job of attracting fish. Some might even say if “flash is good” then the more flash the better. I’m in the not so fast category when it comes to generating fish attracting flash.

Unfortunately, weather conditions are often what control water clarity. When it has rained for several days straight or winds have whipped the lake into a mud bath fishing success routinely drops off dramatically. Using Fish Flash in heavily stained to dirty water conditions makes a huge difference triggering strikes in these tough conditions.

“Fish aren’t going to strike at baits they can’t see,” says Romanack. “Fish Flash does a great job of improving the visibility of trolling gear even when fishing in dirty water conditions.”


Ways we expand flash in dirty water is by using larger attractors like the Big Al Fish Flash. Fish Flash comes in several sizes including four, six, eight and 10 inch models. In dirty or heavily stained water the larger six, eight and 10 inch models produce the best results. In lightly stained to clear water, the size of the Fish Flash must be reduced to avoid creating too much flash. In this instance a smaller four or six inch Fish Flash is a much better option.


Another rule of thumb when fishing with attractors like the Big Al Fish Flash is to understand that in dirty or stained waters, shorter leaders are required. On average a three to four foot long leader is ideal when fishing in dirty water. In clear water leader length must be extended to avoid spooking fish. In this case it helps to extend the leader out to six or seven feet to create some separation from the flash and the terminal tackle.


We have successfully demonstrated that Big Al Fish Flash works well on coho, king and Atlantic salmon, steelhead, brown trout and also lake trout. Our team has also enjoyed excellent success using Fish Flash to target walleye.


One of the easiest ways to use Fish Flash is to rig these attractors in-line directly in front of popular trolling lures such as spoons, plugs and spinners. Because Fish Flash spins on it’s own axis they have very little resistance in the water. A Fish Flash can be used in combination with downrigger lines, long lines and also when trolling with sinking lines such as lead core.

Some more creative ways of using Fish Flash include attaching these attractors directly to the back of diving devices such as the famous Dipsy Diver, Jet Divers and Tadpole Divers. A leader is then attached to the back of the Fish Flash and the desired lure is added at the terminal end.

Another creative way of rigging Fish Flash is to add one or even two attractors directly to a downrigger weight. A few inches above the downrigger weight a line release is added. This option puts a lot of flash in the water, but separates the flash from the terminal tackle.


Adding flash is a great way to attract fish into the trolling gear. The simple rules day. Switching out Fish Flash colors just like an angler would switch out lure colors is a good strategy for finding the colors fish are most attracted to on any given day. Many anglers who have regular success using Fish Flash recommend color matching flashers to terminal tackle. For example, if you’re running a plug that is primarily chrome and chartreuse in color, a similar colored Fish Flash is a good option. Color matching helps determine which color shades are most effective on any given day.


Adding flash is a great way to attract fish into the trolling gear. The simple rules of the road outlined here will help increase your catch, no matter what species is on the menu.


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