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  • Calvin Sampson

Seafood Omelette

Made for a family of 4

Here’s what you’re need. 1. Four eggs 1b. This is were you can variate by choosing your cheese of choice 2. One pound of cooked crab meat 3. One pound of grilled or streamed prawns 4. Red and green bell peppers 5. Three good sized celery stocks 6. Red, white and green onions to your personal liking 7. Pan grilled mushrooms 1st. I start by cooking all my seafood first then set aside 2nd. Secondly I start by grilling all my vegetables in olive oil on medium high for only two minutes flipping in the pan 2 till 3 times followed by cutting my heat off and covering pan with lip - to steam while I prepare my eggs. 3rd. I take my 4 eggs and mix in a 2 oz of water ( this helps in achieving a thinner layer ) - you can either use a omelet pan or a standard ( remember all your other ingredients are still warm ) - to cook my eggs - I like real 100% but you can substitute any oil of your choice - now after your eggs / omelette layer is just about done add your cheese of choice let meal followed by adding your other ingredients. Once your omelette is all done add parsley as a topping then enjoy. Add salt, pepper or and other seasoning and herbs of your liking as well. Also I personally like cutting my prawns depending on size into a half inch bite size pieces as well as my veggies!

~ Calvin Sampson

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